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The Center for European Studies (CEE) has been created in 1972, on the initiative of the European Communities, within the Faculty of Law of the University Jean Moulin-Lyon 3, with for first mission to receive the official publications of the European Communities and to give them to researchers and to the public.

Today, the Center for European studies pursues widened objectives :

- Facilitate the teaching of European law ;

- Contribute to the development of relations between University and other circles : administrations of State or regions, law professions, economic circles...

- Be a relay of the European Union, by offering to every person or institution, public or private, an exhaustive information source on the community activities ;

- Help students in Master’s degree or in doctorate and promote individual and collective resarchs ;

- Organize seminars, summer schools and conferences and publish their papers.


The Centre for European Studies is headed by Professor Michaël Karpenschif. Attached to the International, European and Comparative Law Team (EDIEC – EA 4185) at the Faculty of Law, it brings together lawyers, economists, politists and managers with expertise in the field of european integration.
Administrative, scientific and financial management is carried out by an administrative officer.

The Centre for Documentation and Research

The CEE is a documentation center approved by the Union for information on european integration. It puts at your disposal :

- A workspace with 3 computers, network and wifi access ;

- The official publications from the various institutions of the European Union (Official Journal, Reports of the Court of Justice, Publications of the European Parliament, Opinions of Committees, etc.) as well as those of the Council of Europe and Reports of delegations for European Affairs of the National Assembly and Senate ;

- Hundred thesis among 3 800 books about European Union Law and human rights ;

- A large number of journals of European Law and human rights.

  • Bulletin trimestriel de l’EDIEC 2020/3

    Le Bulletin de l’EDIEC (2020/3) est en ligne.
    Par ce bulletin trimestriel, l’EDIEC souhaite informer la communauté universitaire et le grand public de ses activités scientifiques.

  • Publications 2020

    COMBET (M.). – Brexit, aspects sectoriels. – RLDA 2020/158, avril 2020, 54 p.
    GRANGEON (J.), FRANÇOISE (M.) / dir. – Les robots. Regards disciplinaires en sciences juridiques, sociales et humaines. – Aix-en-Provence : Presses universitaires d’Aix-Marseille, 2020. – 132 p. – (Inter-normes.)
    KARPENSCHIF (M.), ROUX (Chr.) / dir.. – L’exception in house, 20 ans après l’arrêt Teckal. – Actes du colloque EDPL/EDIEC du 12 février 2020 / dir. sc. M. Karpenschif et Chr. Roux. – JCP A 2020, études 2197 à 2208.
    ROBERT (L.), SURREL (H.) / dir. – Quel avenir pour le système européen de protection des droits de l’homme ? – Limal : Anthemis, 2020. – 254 p. – (Droit et Justice : 119.)
    VIENNOIS (J.-P.) / dir. – Actualité du droit des investissements étrangers en France. – Actes du colloque, Lyon, Association Master Droit et ingénierie financière, 26 février 2020 / dir. J.-P. Viennois. – RLDA 2020/160, n° 6994 à 6996, p. 24-41.

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